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Sibo Masondo is a mime artist and comic, who was born deaf and has never heard laughter. Despite this, he has mastered the art of expression to communicate with the world and has a sheer love of life that shines through his performances. He started studying at Indaleni School for the Deaf in Pietermaritzburg when he was only 3 years old, and later attended Fulton School for the Deaf when he moved to Durban with his mother.

Masondo has always loved performing and combines mime and comedy to make people laugh. He believes that laughter is the best medicine and can give people hope. He has studied mime and masks, acting, and dance, and has performed in France. However, he enjoys visiting local schools and is involved in educational theatre. He also performs at birthday parties, events, and does street theatre.

More About Sibo Masondo

Although his mother is a domestic worker, she has always been his biggest support system. She has helped him to stay positive while growing up, and he loves spending time with her. Masondo often goes down to North Beach to entertain kids and take pictures with them. He attributes his can-do attitude to his mother and encourages young people to pursue their dreams and not be shy.

Masondo recently attended a Talk Sign Day breakfast on Durban's beachfront, which is part of a campaign that encourages the public to learn sign language. He signed through an interpreter and expressed his joy of making people laugh. Masondo is a true inspiration to everyone and shows that with determination and a positive attitude, anything is possible.


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