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Take on the wind. Pretend that it is very windy and that you are having a hard time standing up in it. Let the wind buffet you to and fro. For added amusement, include a struggle with an umbrella that keeps turning inside out.

Mime artist in Johannesburg eating. It can very amusing to watch a mime artist in Johannesburg of eating. Pretend to be consuming a very sloppy hamburger or hot dog, with all the contents slopping down the front of your clothing. Accidentally squirt some ketchup towards your eye. Or try peeling a banana and then slipping over on the peel.

Walking in place One of the icons of mime artist in Johannesburg is the stationary walk. Miming is also one of the most physically demanding feats. There are two major versions, the simplest of which is the 'impulse march'.

It is very important to begin with a good posture. You should hold your abdomen in fairly tightly as it will be prone to moving when you're not paying attention. Keep your shoulders up and back - don't slouch, your chest and neck should be erect as well - not puffed out.

To begin, place your entire weight on the ball on one foot. This is your 'forward' foot. Bend the knee over the forward foot slightly as you do this. With your other foot (the 'trailing' foot) position the toes parallel to the toes of the forward foot. However, keep your trailing foot from touching the ground while maintaining the sole of the trailing foot parallel to the floor. Keep this leg perfectly straight.

It is helpful here to explain the illusion. This walk reverses the pattern of actual walking. The 'trailing' foot in the mime artist in Johannesburg walk does not support any weight, but it represents the weight-bearing foot of a normal walk. This is why the leg must remain straight in the illusion - it appears to be bearing the weight.

With your forward foot, slowly lower your heel to the ground and straighten the leg. As you do this, move your trailing foot backwards while keeping the sole of the foot parallel to the ground and the leg straight - you should feel an intense stretch along the back of your leg. Push the trailing leg as far back as you can while maintaining all of the above qualities, and your balance.

Once the trailing foot is as far back as it can go, bring it back to parallel with your forward foot. Try to pick up the heel on your trailing foot first, like a natural step. Bend the your leg as you bring the trailing foot forward.

Now touch down with the ball of your trailing foot. If you look at your feet, they are now in an exact reverse of their starting position. The 'forward' foot is now in the 'trailing' position and vise versa.

The transition of weight between these feet is the most crucial aspect of the illusion! You must smoothly transfer weight from your former 'forward' foot to your new 'forward' foot. At the same time, you must lift the newly freed foot and begin trailing it behind you. This will take quite a bit of practice to master.

With all of the activity in your feet, don't forget to move your upper body! Swing your arms so that the forward foot is always opposition to your forward hand. Also, inhale when you lift your trailing foot to come forward; exhale as you slide your trailing foot back.

Now, repeat the process.

If you don't bring your trailing foot back to parallel with your forward foot, you can simply transfer your weight to it and begin moonwalking!

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