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mime artist make up

Mime Artist Make Up, information and definitions via the web: 

Applying mime artist make up isn't as hard as you might think. There are certain characteristics of this creative face paint that make it recognizable, but when dealing with little details, use your imagination to put your unique stamp on this look. 

Mime Artists

Maybe you're a budding mime artist or you want to play dress up for a special occasion. By learning to apply your own mime makeup, you can look like a professional mime artist. Add the right outfit and you're all set. Don't forget the most important part, however; being silent! These simple mime makeup steps will get you halfway there.

 mime artist make up

Features of Mime Makeup 

    * White face: The most striking characteristic of this theatrical makeup is the white face. All mimes wear special makeup (either cake, clown white or grease white) to whiten their faces before applying various black eyeliner techniques around the eyes.  

Mime Artists

While details around the eyes can differ from person to person, the white face is standard. Using make up specifically geared toward performers is important because your average drugstore cosmetics aren't formulated the same way stage makeup is. Wearing makeup made to withstand hot lights and activity will ensure that your perfect mime face stays that way. 

mime artist make up

    * Black eyeliner: The deep black around the eyes contrasts nicely with the stark white face. There are many variations mimes use with their eyeliner; experimenting and trying out different looks is one way to find a favorite.  

Mime Artists

    * Dramatic mouth: Some mimes design a little red bow of a mouth, while others color their lips black. This is a personal preference and one that may change depending on the accompanying mime outfit. If you're wearing a black and white ensemble, going with black and white makeup will coordinate perfectly, but if you color your lips a bright red, this can provide a shocking accent and bring the focus to your face.

 mime artist make up

Skin Care 

Once it's time to remove your mime makeup, you have to make sure you do a thorough cleansing routine to get rid of all traces of makeup. Theatrical cosmetics are more difficult to take off than regular makeup, so take care with the cleaning process to ensure complete removal. You'll probably need cold cream to start. Liberally apply cold cream all over your face, rubbing it into the makeup. Tissue off and then follow with your regular cleanser.

mime artist make up

How to Apply 

Whether you're a performer or donning this look as part of a costume, learning how to apply mime makeup isn't difficult. For your first forays into this dramatic look, take your time and experiment. Above all, have fun with it! 

   1. Start with a clean, moisturized face. Men should make sure and shave before applying any makeup.

   2. Apply the white makeup of your choice all over the face. Use a makeup brush around the eyes to get full coverage.

   3. Lightly apply powder to set the makeup.

   4. Color in eyebrows with face paint, charcoal pencil, pencil or liquid eyeliner.

   5. Apply black eyeliner around the eyes in the design of your choice. Many mimes like a single teardrop as part of the eye makeup. Other popular details are a cross shape or triangles.

   6. Apply mascara if desired.

   7. Make up your lips in desired color. You can make a bow or heart shape.

   8. Apply one last dusting of powder after the marking makeup has dried and set.

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